5 Simple Things to Do At Home When You Are Stressed and Anxious

5 Simple Things to Do At Home When You Are Stressed and Anxious

Stress and anxiety are common experiences amongst many people. 70% of adults in the US feel stressed and anxious almost every day. There can be many causes of this stress. 

Read our blog 5 sources of stress and anxiety in the modern world

to understand what is triggering stress in the first place to equip yourself with better coping mechanisms. In this blog, read some simple tricks to cope with day-to-day stress.

Combating stress and anxiety takes a great deal of your energy. Read the blog ‘5 Simple Things to Do At Home When You Are Stressed and Anxious’ and learn better ways to deal with it.

How to Combat Stress and Anxiety at Home?

1. Exercise


One of the best ways to combat stress is by exercising regularly. Physical exertion relieves mental stress. The following are reasons why exercise is the best stress buster.

  • Stress Hormones: Exercising brings down the body’s stress hormones such as cortisol and increases the generation of feel-good hormones like ‘endorphins’- this chemical improves your mood and also acts as painkillers.
  • Sleep: Exercising clears your mind and puts it at ease and thus improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Boosts Confidence: Exercise has the potential to increase your confidence in your body that, in turn, helps in attaining mental stability.

Therefore, indulging in walking, jogging, exercising-leads to repetitive muscle movement and relieves stress in the long run.

2. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, chocolate, and tea. High doses of caffeine make you jittery and anxious. If you have a habit of binge eating snacks while watching TV shows on Netflix, then it’s time to reconsider what you eat. Instead of tea, coffee, and chips, you can go for nuts and fruits.

3. Take a Yoga Class

Take a Yoga Class

Today, yoga has become one of the popular ways to relieve stress from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to consult a therapist and spend hours and money.  The main goal of yoga is to connect your mind and body. It increases body and breath awareness.  It is as effective as antidepressant medicines because yoga is connected to your nervous system and stress response.

Modern day stress can be exhausting. Read ‘The practical ways to cope with modern days stress’ to find better ways to cope with it.

4. Take a Bath in Shower Bombs

Take a Bath in Shower Bombs

It’s not viable to visit spas every time. Time constraints get in the way. But shower bombs offer you the perfect opportunity to get a spa-like experience. The essential oil present in the shower bombs has healing and calming effects on the mind.  Their unique smell relieves stress and gives clarity of thoughts.

5. Massager Gun and Foot Spa Massager to Relieve Muscle Tension

Massager Gun

The stress has a tendency to build up in the body. It can contract the muscle and build muscle tension. The best way to deal with this is by buying tools like a massager gun and foot care spa massager that you can access anytime. These massagers guarantee you a quick recovery from the pain and pamper your feet and body, giving the calming feeling that is sure to elate you.

Stress and anxiety can arise from personal conflicts or at the workplace, or anywhere. But above are some simple ways to reduce it effectively. Exercise, diet, right tools release you from modern-day stress and improve your sense of contentment and happiness.

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