Benefits of Foot Massage

8 Unexpected Benefits of Foot Massage That are Going to awe You!

Though feet handle a lot of stress and pressure, it is often ignored.  Unfortunately, it receives the least care and pampering when compared to other parts of the body.  Now it’s time to give some love to your feet with a professional foot massage.

Not many know the myriads of benefits tied to a foot massage. The ancient Chinese used foot massages to heal many diseases. The pressure points present in the feet are responsible for curing many health ailments. If these facts pique your interest in foot massage, continue reading this blog.

What Are the Benefits of Foot Massage?

blood circulation

1. It improves blood circulation Due to a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, the body won’t receive adequate blood circulation. And low blood circulation can lead to many health conditions. If you often feel cold, then a lack of blood circulation in the body could be the reason. On the contrary, the feet could get swollen or tired when there’s a lot of standing and walking. When you massage your feet, it helps stimulate blood circulation- which in turn circulates oxygen and nutrients to your feet and keeps the feet warmer.  A 10-20 minute massage session with a personal foot massager before going to bed relieves foot soreness and pain and gives a relaxing feeling.

foot and ankle injuries

2. Heal Foot and Ankle Injuries: If you are suffering from joint pain or any injury, massaging the feet reduces muscle soreness. When you couple foot massaging with other foot and ankle strengthening exercises, it expedites the injury recovery and minimizes injury risk. A short session with a pedicure foot spa machine strengthens the foot and ankles and makes it flexible.

depression and anxiety

3. Reduces the Effects of Depression and Anxiety: Foot massaging puts you in a relaxed state, and its effects last even after the massage. Recent studies have shown that it significantly reduces anxiety and depression in individuals, especially in cancer patients. To get a perfect foot massage, you don’t have to visit a massage therapist; all you have to do is buy a pedicure spa machine and see the magic unravel.

migraines and headaches

4. Helps with Migraines and Headaches: People suffering from headaches and migraines show great improvement with the regular foot massage. It also enhances their lifestyle and leads to some impressive results.

Lowers blood pressure

5. Lowers Blood Pressure: Today, good numbers of people have high blood pressure. The reason could be genetics, poor dietary practices, stress, or environmental factors. A 10-20 minutes massage session with a pedicure massager machine boosts mood, maintains blood pressure and blood circulation, and reduces anxiety.

PMS and menopause

6. Alleviates Symptoms of PMS and Menopause: The most common feelings associated with PMS are sadness, irritability, tension, insomnia, fatigue, headache, and mood swings- some of these are symptoms of menopause. With regular foot massage, these symptoms can be effectively minimized.

Specific pressure points present in the feet are known to relieve menstrual pain. While massaging your feet with an electric foot bath massager, it’s good to target your calves and soles.

edema effects

7. Reduces Edema Effects in Pregnant Women: Edema is the swelling in the feet and ankles due to fluid retention in those areas. Regular massaging, coupled with plenty of diet and rest, one can easily combat this condition.    

lower back pain

8. Reduces lower back pain: Lower back pain is caused due to improper posture and sitting for long hours. And this pain easily navigates to feet and legs. If you are suffering from lower back pain, feet, and leg pain all at once, then you need to buy a best-heated foot bath massager immediately.  

To get a foot massage, you don’t have to go looking for expensive spas because the best therapist is brought to your home. Buy the portable foot spa and massager and keep pampering your feet. 

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