How to Style Your Beard Like a Pro

How to Style Your Beard Like a Pro?

Lately, many celebrities are rocking facial hair, and beard styling has been seeing a grand revival. Now there are varieties of styles to choose from. Here is the ultimate guide on mustache styling that works for many. Keep reading the blog to know what suits you and how to make that happen.

Picking the style that suits you.

If you are in a ‘baby-beard’ stage, it’s a good time to find out the best beard style for your face. To help in your quest, we have come up with some of the most popular beard styles you can pick from.

Check out the guide to find out.

What Are the Best Beard Styles?


1. Clean-Shaven: If you don’t want to go for a full and even beard, you always have the ‘clean-shave’ option. This style is relatively low-maintenance. It’s particularly good when you have scanty facial hair growth. 


2. Stubble: The length of stubble can vary from short to long. Believe it or not, stubble has a low-effort factor to it. Whether you deliberately grow it or out of laziness, this style can be easily maintained and suitable for those who have a fuller beard.


3. Goatee: Goatee is of the classic and popular beard styles. It is grown only on the chin part and doesn’t extend beyond the mouth corner. If you want to add extra drama to your look, you can complement it with a mustache. Remember, this style requires a bit of attention to the lower half of your face. If you have a round face, this style helps you create some length.

Van Dyke

4. Van Dyke: This style suits those who have a long and narrow chin. To achieve this style, grow as wide as the mouth while maintaining the short length.

Van Dyke

5. Balboo: This style is similar to a goatee, but hair extends beyond the chin onto the jawline. This style demands effort to keep the beard and mustache clearly intact. To achieve a true Balboo beard, keep your cheeks free of hair.


6. Circle beard:  The circle beard is a simple style that looks more like a goatee. This style can be worn in different lengths. However, you need to maintain a uniform length and keep the circle shape distinct.

Full beard

7. Full Beard: This style takes time to grow to the proper length. This style consists of growth over the chin, cheeks, and mustache. If you are blessed with the right hair follicle, then style is for you.

8. Ducktail: This style looks similar to a longer beard. Here beards are trimmed to make pointed edges that resemble the ducktail. If you are a beginner, then consider going to a barber for initial shaping. Once the beard is styled, it’s easier to follow.

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