Aseo Beard Straightener with Beard Balm



Introducing the all-new Aseo Beard Straightener. This personal care tool is specially designed to shape and maintain your beard for a neat, clean and stylish look. The device comes with a beard balm that improves hair quality and helps you remove unwanted curls.

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  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STRAIGHTENING COMB-  ASEO men’s hairstyling & grooming tool is a 2-in-1 beard & hair straightening device that allows you to effectively smoothen & manage unkempt beard hair with zero efforts of making a trip to the salon.  With 60s rapid heating, the product’s heating function gets evenly distributed to every bristle that makes sure that you enjoy a frizz-free baard, anytime you wish.
  • DUAL HEAT SETTINGS: The hair straightening brush is designed to suit all types of hair consistencies, and is an essential men’s grooming tool for medium to long keeps of facial hair. The electric hot comb can be used in two heat settings; 180 ̊C/ 365 ̊F & 200 ̊C/ 392 ̊F, each setting allows you to effectively straighten your beard, mustache & hair, be it thick or less.
  • ADVANCED BEARD BRUSH DESIGN: Aseo beard straightener is equipped with Ceramic Tourmaline Technology & Anti-scald design bristles that beats traditional hot combs as it is 5X faster in terms of straightening power & also reduces the chances of any kind of heat damage to your priceless mane.
  • VERSATILE BEARD STYLING: Back brush or curl up your beard locks, achieve any style with ease. The heated beard brush can be used to employ five basic styling effects and comes with a flexible 360° rotatable power cord that gives you total control over its direction.
  • BEARD GENIE WITH A BOON: Say hello to timeless beard looks with an additional nourishing beard balm that comes with the device. The beard balm provides additional protection from any type of styling damage & enables you with a softer beard to work on. Travel around the world or take it for business trips, the beard & hair straightener is portable and lightweight for easier carry.


The multi-purpose Aseo Beard Straightener is the perfect grooming tool for men. Its multitude of functions and settings enable you to give yourself a fresh new cut and look your best! The beard straightener is designed for everyday use. Ditch expensive salon bills and your own personal groomer.


What are the instructions for cleaning the straightner?

Use disinfecting wipes to clean beard straightening brush crevices. You can also clean the straightening brush by wiping it with a sponge dipped in white vinegar.

Can this be use for hair and beard ?

Electric brush straightens can be used for both hair and beard.

How often should I straighten my beard?

You can use Men’s grooming beard brush whenever your hair gets frizzy and look voluminous. Don’t forget to use beard balm while using grooming beard straightener.

Are beard straighteners bad for your beard?

A good beard straightening brush will not damage your facial hair. Make sure that you are buying the best straightening brush.

Can you used this on short beards?

Electric brush strainers are designed for long and thick beards. Applying this short length hair may sometimes cause a burn.


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