FeetAlly Foot Spa Massager with Soaking Salts



FeetAlly is a unique electric Foot Bath Massager with a plethora of features and settings. This personal foot massager is guaranteed to help you relax and rejuvenate after a long day’s work. The pedicure spa machine also comes with a variety of delightful natural soaking salts. Add them to the water and elevate your experience!

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Brand: Deoxom
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  • INCLUDES MASSAGE ROLLERS: The foot massager comes with removable massage rollers that can elevate your pedicure sessions. The massage rollers can scrub away impurities from your feet and treat cracked heels efficiently. 
  • USER-FRIENDLY CONTROLS: The heated foot bath makes foot care easier at home by allowing the user to soak feet in the water and relax while it does its job. The set can provide a spa-like professional pedicure experience without all the hassle, and also helps in saving time and money. 
  • PROVIDES INSTANT PAIN & STRESS RELIEF: The foot spa acts as a stress reliever after a long and hard day by allowing the user to soothe their tired feet while unwinding at home. It also helps in keeping the feet healthy, and in avoiding cracked heels and other foot problems. 
  • SPA-LIKE TREATMENT WITH SOAK SALTS: The foot spa massager set includes soak salts that are soothing to the feet. Soak salts can enhance the user’s pedicure session and aid in healing feet quicker. It is safe to use at home.ELEGANT GIFT OPTION: The foot spa massager makes a great gift option for all occasions. It is elegant and attractive in appearance and effective and efficient in its operation. It allows the user to save both money and time, and to relax at home with ease.


Presenting the FeetAlly foot spa massager, the pride of our collection. Simply put, FeetAlly is the ultimate foot care device and allows you to give your feet the attention they need without stepping outside your home!


Can a foot spa electrocute you?

The pedicure foot bath machines are designed in such a way that water is kept away from the electric components. So it is unlikely that the spa could electrocute you.

How long should I keep my feet in a foot spa?

To reap the best benefits of foot spa massager, you need to soak your feet in the warm water for about 15-20 minutes.

What happens at a foot massage?

The foot spa massager rubs the reflex zones and gives relaxing experience to your weary feet.

Can you use a foot spa if you have diabetes?

Yes! You can! The massager offered by the pedicure foot spa massager helps lowering glucose levels and prevents other ailments. However, seek advice from a physician before using a personal foot massager.

Can you use Epsom salt in a foot spa?

Yes! You can add three-quarters of Epsom salt to the water.


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