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The Reflexo Portable Body Massager is the pain-relief solution you’ve always been looking for! This Full Back and Neck Massager is a handheld device that can be used on any part of your body, from the lower back to your legs. It guarantees quick and efficient relaxation and recovery. If you are looking for the best pain and massage therapy, add Hand-Held body massager to your cart.

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Brand: Deoxom
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  • EXTENSIVE PAIN RELIEF: Bring home a state-of-the art REFLEXO Muscle Massager Gun, a true pioneer in conquering all your body ailments and fatigue. Diminish acute or chronic back pain, lower back pain, sprains, muscle injuries, soreness & inflammation with just a few minutes with the body massager.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED GEARS: Equipped with powerful 24V Brushless High-torque motor that comes with unique ‘quiet glide technology’, this massager can be regulated between 3 levels of intensity with the highest speed ranging upto 3200RPM. Thanks to the noiseless operational decibel (35dB-55dB), the electric massager can be used anywhere with comforting peace. 
  • CUSTOM MASSAGES WITH 4 MASSAGER HEADS: With 4 switchable massage heads, customize your massage time for various types of body pain/stiffness; Spherical Head, Flat Head, Conical Head & U-shaped Head. Each massage head comes with different shapes and tends to ailments on different parts of your body and soothes the affected muscles with healing vibrations.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE DESIGN: The handheld massage gun is not only lightweight(2.2lbs) but also comes with an anti-sweat grip. The sturdy massage gun is made with NYLON 66 & FIBERGLASS which makes it highly resilient to fall damage. The full body massage gun can withstand being dropped from upto 6.6ft(2m). 
  • EASY OPERATION & PORTABLE: The muscle gun massager comes with a compact carry case that allows you to travel to any place with all your massage tools packed in one case, eliminating using up unnecessary space in your trunk. That means now you can enjoy easy 5-10 min massages daily at the gym, the library, the office or when you’re on a business trip or vacation.


This safe and effective massage gun can be used at home to deal with chronic body and muscle pain. It can help to alleviate pain instantly and in the long run without having to seek professional help. Performing massage gun therapy regularly helps your body become more relaxed and the chances of experiencing muscle pain again will significantly reduce.


Are massage guns worth the money?

Handheld massagers are definitely worth your money. It’s intense pulses, and vibration improves muscle movement and gives spa-like treatment at home.

Do massage guns get rid of knots?

Yes! Electric massager reduces muscle tension, breaks those annoying knots and relieves the body from stress.

Can I use this muscle massage gun on my foot?

Yes! You can use electric massager to massage your feet.

What is the purpose of using massage gun?

The primary purpose of handheld massager is to break up scar tissue and minimizes muscle tension and soreness. Because of this, Percussion massager is considered to be the best pain reliever.


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